Welcome back~!

Welcome back to class~!

Yargh welcome to the department of HELL. I've heard this before. I think En.Yong has say like this before. So are they would be like u En.Yong? Sangat ganas of course. Hei its gamma year and can't play anymore. They give the course outline and something that we don't aspect anymore. It was the RULES & REGULATIONS during the class. Good to see that,and good to sign it too~!

Owh my stress just began. Semalam stress dgn MEDIA LAW. So bored. Now i know why i didn't choose LAW before. Even i always had a dream to be an excellent dear to protect my uncle. So sowry uncle, you can choose other people to protect you. I hate LAW~!!! And of course i hate to follow the rules~!

notes : Hei what is kuih apam made from?~! why they look weird when i ate kueh apam?~!

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