tak mampu nk luah dgn kate2 da.~

For your information,Earth Hour 2010 is tomorrow.But why mmu dunt have the electricity? I know you want to take part with this campaign but hey please la not today oke and not at the time when i was in the toilet.~!!!! Demyu,tak psl2 gegar satu bgunan dgr jeritan ku ini.~! Hilang sikap sopan santun yg terpelihara selame ni.Dala lupe bw sabun g toilet.

Thanx a lot anis sbb tlg amek sabun & yg penting tolong teman stay kt dpn toilet tu.~! Ai think if she's not there at that time,ai rather go out with towel and back to my room~! Bongek ade org gelak mcm nk pecah perut sbb tau org jeret.Hey meh la ganti tmpt org.~~!

Kenape mcm smpi skrg jantung x ilang dup dap lg. Hey masalah2.And they are still laughing at me.. Better ai just go back to my home la.~ Owh home sweet home. i miss my bed demmash.~!

Tak mampu nak luah dgn kate2 lg da kalo jadi lg benda ni kjp lg. Jangan black out lg oke. Im alone rite now.~!!! Ta psl2 ade org dgr jeritan lg kang.~

notes : it happen again,& again. Am i created for all the sadness and darkness???~~~

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