5 - 1 = 4

One of our family members today has mengusung bag like the Akademi fantasia contestant which eliminated every week (what's the point talking bout AF here). Yarghh he's going to Kuala Terengganu. Or in a specific word he's going to UiTM Dungun for his diploma in invesment some kind like business rite?

Sangat membanggekan sbb beliau ke pantai timur juga just like me b4. Hahaha =) But we are not in the same course oke. Tottally 100% different because i hate math damn mucho.~ How come he can be so terror in math? Huh.Whatever you want to say,say to my hands please :)

Dear the youngest one in our family, study smart and play hard.~ Hahaha. Enjoy the environment at your new place. Find new friends a lot and enjoy your "mase mude".~ Jadi org terengganu lo mung ni. Makang ikang la sokmo.~ Baguih bole kuruih le mung nle ni :)) Im not good in pantai timur slank. I always ruined them.~! Please forgive me..

We heart you the youngest one.~!

5members - 1members = 4members


__̴ı̴̴̡̡̡ ̡͌l̡̡̡ ̡͌l̡*̡̡ ̴̡ı̴̴̡ ̡̡͡|̲̲̲͡͡͡ ̲▫̲͡ ̲̲̲͡͡π̲̲͡͡ ̲̲͡▫̲̲͡͡ ̲|̡̡̡ ̡

lovey dovey home~

notes : i heart you more.you know who you are.~

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