Web cam was doing his job excellently. Without any interruption. Hey im happy now. Hahaha. Si keding,u da x keding da la.Makan banyak2 eh u. Kununla xder selera la. Takder rase langsung la sume mknan tu but u still look chubby. Br 3 hari xnmpk,da chubby. How come if i dunt see you for a month? Or when u come back here? Can i recognize u? Or should i ask your famly to bring board that have ur name on it?~That much more easier for us to find you. Haha dunt be mad at me oke,this is just an idea~ :")

Oke meh citer sket.Sure kna mrh kalo u bace ni. Today is the 1st time im going to tutorial for online advertising class. Hurmm b4 this tutorial is always cancelled (lame excuse)..~! But last week we had tutorial but i skipped it again like usual. I dunt know why. May be i dunt like the O.A class. Dan bored & so sleepy. And today we have excersice that need to submit b4 the class end. Hahaha d sebabkn i salu skipped class. It just like i terpinga2 & buat lawak sengel & kaco org kiri kanan. But still i've submit the tutorial excercise but its not from me 100%. It was a copy paste thing.~!!! Thanx eh sahabat :)) Pas ni i insaf da eh.

see my face. Insaf kan? with the hair band there. I mmg insaf.~ ;'p

notes : did u miss me just like i miss u babe?

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