Haip.haip horey.~ Haha oke i da jd sangat sengal da ni. Bile sengal mari makan.Eh tak senanyer bile sengal mari maen game. Fine today class with mr.fauzan. Mdm tasha is not here for her umrah for 2 weeks. So? What should i say? Is that a good or bad thing? For your information its GOOD for both side. She's going to perform her umrah and it was a good thing to do. And it is also a GOOD thing for us because we are not being punished for not attend her consultation last week. But its still makan dalam when she reply our email.~ Hahaha oke insaf. This is the last,trust me please babe. =)

Oke back to the main topic. Playing game in class when the lecturer was doing his lecture was a great thing to do. Oke i tipu. Its not great actually. But what else can we do,it just a boring class today and we just pay our attention at the last slide of his lecture because it was our assingment that had being rejected by madam tasha.~!

game of the day.~

player of the day - 4 of us.~~~ =)

notes : i have a butterflies in my stomach just because of ur offline msg everyday.sile besaba dgn sy yg salu tdo awl oke. imy too, hugs =)


ararodzuan said...

kegilaan & kemerengan di pagi jumat yg indah.. serta ke curangan sy.. damnn!! =P

nana abd rahman said...

u should buy paper kosmo today.
ade tajuk psl CURANG.
And also get some advise & oppinion.
hahahah.go & buy faster =)

but i still can give mine for u.~

ararodzuan said...

yesssss!!!! sok bwk ek lalink...
terbace kat klinik mse anto is dreasing..
" if u chase 2 rabbits, BOTH will lost... "

perhhh!!! mendalam ayat 2.. tepat kne kat org... huk3..

nana abd rahman said...

hahaha.patutla status mcm 2 kt ym.~
paper tu tetgl kt hospitl.t org suh suhaimi bw blk esk.~

ararodzuan said...

oraite bebeh... =P