Bad monday ever

Monday was a bad day. Serious shit it was a damn bad day. I dunt have a car to go to class and have to ask someone to take me there. Tq. You know who you are. That was the 1st problem for the bad monday. Secondly,my "roomate" like someone said b4 has gone.~! Or in other words, she RAN AWAY-LARI. FYI,she is not my roomate,but my maid.

And i just know that she ran away by my brother. Wow that's great oke & i was at MMU that time. Thanx 2 u again who sent me back. Have to skip the evening class because of u shit person. You went out at 10am while everyone was not at home & u left my mother alone. What the purpose of u prepare all the lunch for my mom than u didn't give her and you just went out like that without saying anything to my mom.You seriously stupid.~! like mummy said "saket otak punye orang". Thanx God im not even have any single picca of u,so i dunt have to publish ur picca here.

Keja tak semenggah mane, relax je byk even we can't watch tv because of u. Just to gave u watch your favourite sinetron at astro. Haih dah bg keja buat hal plak. Now im dead serious angry with u. Make sure im not see you afta this. You are older than me,your old is just like my mom but your attitude didn't show that you are in that old.~! At least if you want to go out, tell me,im bring you where ever you want and the most important you SHOULD ran afta you get your salary for this month. Haih mmg saket otak la u ni :)

Wherever you go, with who you are now, just take care of your self,remember your husband,daughter,son-family at Indon. I even dont have any idea why you did all this stupid things.

i smell something fishy over there. i lurve my chipsmore more than anything. wahaha.


alin's kaixer said...

dia lari suda?~
damn+bengong nyer x-maid kamu!~~~

nana abd rahman said...

not just bengong oke.
she's damn freaking shit.
fine sy tgh bad mood gler sbb dia.
dahla duk relax je asek pas 2 tau2 lari.~