heart vs heartheart vs heart

Slmt hati raya people.owh oke silap selamat menyambut malam2 terakhir ramadhan. Kunun slalu nk buat diary ramadhan tapi slalu mesti xmenjadi and xpnh menjadi. Dugaan slalu terjadi mcm2.

Exam pun mcm da nk dekat.2 paper without a long gap can make me more messy than now! And when u got so many problem and u cant handle it alone,it will make make u more worse than ever! Simpan perasaan sendiri sampai akhir hayat slagi mampu. Is it true when theres a people who tell me that 'ignore everything around u,u just have to focused on urself.' is it look like selfish. But yargh we do have to take care of others feeling,others heart and just let our heart hurt again. Its oke babe,im used to it already!

Dear people,if im doing wrong with you,why dont u just tell me straightly and please dont make ur own judgement. I may be spoil a lot but sometime i still can follow what u want me to do and gonna be eventhough i hate people who try to change me! Why dont you just accept me as who i am. But if i be a burden for u,just let the tie knot down here. I wont force anybody. Im sick of this!

"while you're busy looking for a perfect person, you'll probably miss the imperfect person who could make you perfectly happy."

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