Dreams =)

Someone has ask me before, whats ur dream. What u want in your life. And now afta 2months sty at home and doing nothing except pick up and send people to everywhere they want. I know what i want in my life. I wanna be a kindergarden teacher! I want my own kindergarden! Yargh u will said like "what? Teacher? Kindergarden?" yahaa its kindergarden. Why? Arwah umi start her job by being a kindergarden teacher. And until she's not even here with us now,her ex student will always ask bout her. Without a kindergarden teacher who us right now. The sallary might be cheaper than others job but u can get the happiness and the enjoyment while teaching them. I know its not easy to train a child. But hey lets give some moral support to me. At least i will gain an experience and lets make this as a practise to taking care and teach my own children one fine day,InsyaAllah.

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