Deeper feeling

At this time i was thinking that should i write this at here.but ths is my page,my own diary so its up to me k either i want to publish it or not. After ive been thinking for the whole day and night here it goes anyway. Actually its nothing,but why sometime i have this feeling at you. Its annoying me k. And please help me i dont like this situation at all.

Dear You,
Thanx because you had been in my life even for a short time. Thanx for making my life became so wonderful with a alot of color and rainbow. Its colourful ok. At the first time it make me feeling really2 "down" and this is because of you. I always wish that i was a stonger person and didn't get upset easily,but it still hurt damn much. So whats the problem? this is my feeling towards you k. And this is the right time to say good Bye to you. May be our journey stop at here. Thanx for all the joking,laughing,staring and whatever. You are still my friend k..

im lost already..

And now i start with a new life,new resolution,new chapter of life..Enjoy k till the end of your life. What else can i say. Cheer dear..

And now why i have this feeling back deeper in my heart and soul? Arghhh let it gone by its nature k. Just look and see,use your eye,open up your ears,and dunt ask me anything bout both of this story. Either it happen a long2 time ago or it happen now. Dont know what feeling is that...

there's a butterfly over my head now and its colourful,i think so la~

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