Happy holiday~!

He ask me to study but i refuse to do that. Yarghh you can blame me if my result is not going full of colors just like you.I hate history than i hate Law too. I dunt even have an idea how the lawyer can took this subject and it becomes their jobs.~! And because of my laziness,so im wasting my time with those camera & here the senget picture ever.Sile tgk sampai munta...

Yeay,im finished my 4th sem at mmu & just finished my final paper. 5th sem left.~! Owh cant wait for that day.Please hurry up. I really mean it. I hate being here for so long.~ How i wish i was at Kedah rite now. Is the situation will be the same or more worse than here.

My brother is going to UiTM Dungun for his diploma in analisa pelaburan. How come he took that subject. Kak long said that was a very though subject,if he dont have the spirit better dont go.Is that sound so bad?~But in a good way,we are going to Terengganu.~! And of course we can have a very short holiday at Kuantan.I miss kuantan just like i miss you,yarghh its you.~

notes : time is running out & im gonna miss u.~take care >_<

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