nasi beriani~ :)

Im down.~

You ask me to be more stronger.
You ask me to be more cool.
You ask me to be more patient.
You ask me to be more sincere to others.
You ask me to be more lovely.

But i think i can't do this.~
Im down. Im really down. I dunt ever like this situation.
I become someone else and this is not so me.
I hate hypocrite person but why i think i was into that kind of person now.~

Thanx for being with me at this time.
Thanx for giving me your ear to hear my bubbling.
Thanx for all your advice.
Thanx for every single thing that you ever do for me.

Let be more stronger with me.Come and spread your spirit for me please. *hugs*

notes : i watched the video that ur sis sing along.Owh how cute they are. And ur bro too,i saw a very happily face at him.~ And im going to nasi beriani haunting too tomorrow.~ This is not fair oke.~!!!! IMY :)

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