Kisah Ramadhan - 02

Salam ramadhan guys. Look that i've no mood today. Im tired because of my environment. Im tired because of them. Everything's not good today. All seem look like they pretend to be oke and act like there's nothing happen. or what should i said in another words. Hypocryte. Yargh that's the words. I hate this situation. How i miss my old friends. Being here is good but being with the oldies is much more better than now.Oke enough bout that.~

Kak elle is keep yelling at me,"nana when we gonna to break fast together?" Yargh i miss you sis and i miss you too iera,but the time is not suitable for us now. Baby is always bz with her work. And i must make an appoinment at least 1 week b4 to hve our break fast together due to you packed schedule. Argh everyone is busy now with their work. When im going to work?? Sighh fullstop.~

There's a place that got flood now. Praise to Allah that your place didn't effect. Owh please save him and you please take care of yourself.


Mmn Mrmmn Rosnan said...

alin's kaixer said...

whuzzup darl??~~
keep smiling k~
jgnlah moody2 k!~!