No more braces

Warghh lamenyer x menyemak d sini. I know im a lazy person. During semester break i just sleep,sleep,sleep and eat. That's all. Is that intresting? Tell u guys,that was a very good therapy but yargh it was like hell im bored.~! Luckly to be me, that always have someone to bring me out. I love you. You know who you are aite.

Nothing intresting with this holiday. Have to take care of my mom and the most important thing to do is sleeping . Hahahah.

Owh im no longer wearing a braces. shit i'll allready miss my braces. Menyesal g tanggalkan. Retainer was a damn freaking2 bad. Its annoying when u have to wear retainer. When u want to eat, u have to take that retainer out from ur mouth. and after eating,brush ur teeth and start to wearing it back. that was not so me. Benda yang melecehkan,sampai rase da xnak mkn sbb asek kna tanggalkn retainer.~!!!

this is the retainer :"(

Wanna see my teeth before wearing braces? Its only upper teeth oke.

before - after (the problem is just 2 front teeth,its overlapped with each other)

i miss my braces allready, wanna it back :"((
tadaaa..~ no more braces :))

gonna start class tomorrow afta 3weeks holidays.~ im so lazy rite now. can i have more holidays? please MMU.~

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