Telebeh rajen

Welcome back to MMU my dear nana. Haha. Today was the day,1st class afta 3weeks holidays. Class start late or am i too early today,owh for sure its not about im so excited to attend the class but im so nervous when think the result that will release anytime,any second any minute.

For your information, MMU is a little bit different than UiTM or others universities. Why im saying this because if the result is not release yet we still can register the subject for next sem without knowing our pointer and what subject that we have to take supp paper. Damn i hate supp paper. Thank you.

Mr. Nazri and Madam Nana always keep saying this " how come both of you can register, how you know that you pass your gamma2?" And this is the answer, "this is MMU problem not us. Hahaha i love that answer." But in our heart, we still afraid and muke maseng2 cuak giler je. pucat x bdarah bile pikir balek :))

This sem will be a long & heavy sem. I just attend 1 class that mean 1 subject for today and i'll saying that was a damn heavy class. How bout the others class? How bout the basic econ? e-commerce? sound design? Feel like im crying now.

And for Anis, this picture i gve to you. Hahaha, please dunt cry.You have to listen to his song again & again. I was the devil that always ask you to hear this.

Only this picture i can publish. The others (not related with him) cannot ah.~

Thanx to Mr.Nazri with what u saying this morning " Nana,design leklok eh. Maklumla last sem telebeh rajen" I loike the words "telebeh rajen" damn it.~!!!! Org laen teruk,sempoi je, tp xkena. Oke Fine.~!

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