A hectic week.~

Class was tiring & boring. This whole week just have to gave all my ears to the lecture. This semester is full with lecture. I hate lecture & any talk that have to attend. Before this everything was oke IF have talk or lecture,because i was doing my stuff at the back. Yargh with the PSP, phone and even a chewing gum in my mouth. But now, i can't even chew that thing again just because of my retainer.~! And there's no PSP or replying message during the class. Lecturer was damn straight this sem.~! Arghhhhh... What should i do in economic class? in Media Aesthetic class? Its history class peeps. Can u imagine it? Owh i just can fall a sleep easily.~

Owh im still waiting for the result. Dear MMU, can u give us the exactly date that u will publish / release our result. Im bored because have to answer all the question "when did the result will release". Guys im not working with the exam unit at MMU. So you choose a wrong person to gave you the answer because im still waiting for that and still counting days like you.~! Just pray that we will get the best after all we have to do. InsyaAllah :)

I want a cake. A chocolate cake. Can someone buy it for me?


NikiSa IzAS said...

xdok keja yea kamu?..hehehe

nana abd rahman said...

sy mmg salu xder keja. maklum la cls br start :))

DeQnA (HoneyBee) said...

nana yg sgt sengal..poyos..wekkksss