Will miss u so much yuyin.~

I dunt knoe either this is will be a sad entry or what afta a long time im not write anything here.

Im gonna miss you so much my dear yuyin. Semoga yuyin kekal aman di sana. Dear kak long, i know its hard for you to accept this but this is qada' & qadar. Accept it sis. Mungkin ada hikmah di sebalik semua yang terjadi. Im always there when you need me sis.

Cik na xdpt nak maen2 dgn yuyin lg. xder org nak tarek tudung cik na lg,xder org nk langgar2 cik na lg.Dear u r such a very2 nice & good gurl to me. Ingt nanti bole geng ngn baby kecik. Tapi takdir mengatasi segalanya.

Thanx for coming in our life even in a shortwhile. Aimi Zuyyin u will always remembered on your cuteness ,addorable & everything. I love you so much sayang.


Everything happens with a reason. May everything goes fine afta this. no more tears please.~

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ararodzuan said...

org xtau nape org mengalir air mata bce entry kmu 2... ishhhh!!! org ingt nk g melawat yuyin la.. jom ble2 free...