never ending story

Terasa lama giler x type pape kat sni. Owh sy tatau nak type ape. There's so many things in my mind but i don't know how to tell it. I was in the mood to hate everybody which is near to me. What the hell is going on nana? This is simple babe, don't act like you know everything bout me, but in the real you know nothing bout me.~! I don't mind if others don't like me, the points is, do i like you back? Back off from my life, i really don't need a backstabber or hypocrite person in my life. Please be as your self, if you don't like so show t
he way you really don't like it. Finish bout this.~~

Gonna have a 1 week break this week. Yargh it was a trimester break. I miss 3months holiday. Damn it,this is so not like a holiday. Assingment was everywhere. Frankly speaking, i hate MMU & assignment. Owh next sem will be my internship sem. Does it look nice babe? Not at all. I hate working,hve to wake up early in the morning. Jem yg teruk.~But i really do hope that i'll finish the internship and so i just left 2sem with MMU. InsyaAllah. Pray for me please.

This routine will be done for a long time,this is like a love which is have never ending story.

wahahahaha =)

Hey babe,can i stop to loving you now?


Ara Amnan said...

i hate MMU?
I love UiTM.. ;p

nana abd rahman said...

i was never liked MMU.~!
i love UiTM more.
please send me back to my iploma year ;'p