I heart you friends.

" I rather lost my boyfriend than lost my friends "

What your oppinion guys when you have to throw your friend just like a rubbish just because of a boy that you would never know either he will make you happy ever after or not. Owh gosh i rather lost my boyfriend than lost a friends. Friends, i love you so much. Thanks for being with me in whatever situation. Thanks for your understanding and everything.

owh tuk budak yg sdg saket tgn, get well soon baby. Tapi sumpa sgt seronok oke lepak ramai2 mcm ari tu. Rinduu korang sangat2 lg. Thanx la sebab buat pertanyaan yg sedey dkt iera "nana,xdtg ke?" Fine sbb ayt 2 je terus sy dtg tau g kt awk. Hahaha tengok baek kn sy. So awk tolong la jgn buli sy lg eh b. Tak baek tuk kesihatan tangan awk Nur Fasihah Abd Hadi.

But how come i can lost my bf even i dunt have one.~! hahahha. So guys please get me one. Pergh bunyi mcm beli ayam kt pasar malam. Deim got class after this chow babe. selamat membaca entry yg mengarut ni..~

for those who just be my follower, welcome to the world of karut mengarut written by me. hahaha


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nana abd rahman said...

sempoi itu indah kn dear :)

hehehehhe <3<3