rapunzel 3D

Terasa sangat menyesal sbb tdo tak aman mlm td. semua sbb bnda alah bengong bwh ni. Owh 50% done should be just one picture of jpeg????? Owh now i know.! It was bad oke. Im tired,sleepy and alls just because of this video rendering. Dah la silap render camera. Rupenyer tayah tunjuk pun xper. Deimmmmm..~~

Owh the Irannian students was damn superb amazing,trazzing and bla2... They do a 3D website. 3D beb. sos we have to wear that 3D spec which they bought from e-bay just for this assingment to watch it. It was good effort guys. Feel like im watching Rapunzel 3D again. But too sad your 3D effect just a little bit. Sangat membazir la kot. Next time buat banyak sket. BTW thanx for giving us those spec even in a short while. So i can take a picca with that thing. Hahaha. Class was bored :'(

see,gedix2 in the house. wahahaha =)

a lots of condolence to bubble and famly. May your father rest in peace.

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