Bola itu bulat.Bola itu takder corak menarek.Bola itu kecik jer pun.But i still can't get it, Why 24 people,hurm i mean 12 in every group berebut bola tu... What's so interesting about that ball???
Hurm can someone tell me. Owh post bekenaan bola arini sbb mcm agak ketinggalan bile semua asek ckp psl issue laser. issue paadang. issue bola and the most important issue tetttttt.~

Haha. Be matured guys, it just a ball, you dont have to fight just because of it and ruined everything. both countries seem likes in a good situation even it was so and so. But please dear Malaysian and Indonesian mind your language when it comes about football.~!

Owh beliau yg bername Safee Sali ni dah di masukkan dlm list kesukaan just because of his tandukan maut. Gler weh tanduk jauh kot. Hahaha. Do your best next time :))

i need money to buy a flight ticket to watch the 2nd final. wahaha deimmm

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