kekaseh hati :)

Owh its getting near to 2011. Yarghh good bye 2010. I have a lot of bad memories this 2010. Go go away 2010. Tak sabar nak halau 2010. I don't have a lot of sweet memories this year. 2010 was worse than the others. Break up. Result not oke. No money. And everything.

By the way thanx to FB,now i have many new friends. They are awesome babe. Let's gossiping till morning. Happy new year guys. Thanx for being senget with me. Thanx cause wrote on my wall. Thanx for the small fighting. Whatever happens both all of you are the best. Even the new seasons of AF come out, i'll still remember all of you. Thanx again peeps. I lurve you so damn much.

Nah diz for you guys :)

I do't want to make any recap for this 2010. Whatever happens was happen and now lets start our new chapter of life. Hope 2011 bring more happiness and joy forever.

Yargh please wish me good luck cause i have 2 interview this coming week. Deimm it just for an internship. Can't they just take me without interview. I hate interview. I don't know what to wear and what im gonna talk.Did i suppose to membangga diri for my art work? Deerrrrr... That was not so me.

Owh oke, im stop now. By the way,did i have a reader? Or a silent reader? Thanx for being a good silent reader a.k.a stalker. You are the best peeps, i also heart you so much.

Dear Allah thank you for everything that you gave me for this 2010. Even i have a little bit sweet memory but it still was the best. Now i know who are my friends and who are not. Good bye 2010. And welcome 2011. Hope 2011 bring a lot of joy,memories,happiness and everything.

owh 2011,please let me have one kekaseh hati yg ade waktu sng & susah besama2 :)

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