Exam schedule for trimester 2, 2010-2011 has been released. Sangat straight rupenyer jadual exam ku itu. Arghhhh. Oke idk either copywriting include or not but i think there's no copywriting paper for this sem. wehohohoho. seem like im very happy if there's no copywriting paper this sem. Please don't make it for this sem. Please make it at another sem. Im begging you MMU. At least give me a break 1week should be enough for me before i start with my internship. InsyaAllah.

Talking about internship,im done with my 1st intrvw this morning. And that company was speacializing in website design. Web programmer and bla.bla. To tell you the truth, i dunt like website. I hate making a website. Thank to friends hurm junior in exactly words. They are great for helping me in website. Someone told me making a website was a great. You can make money with that job. Oke GTH, I dunt care oke. I still don't like it. thank you :)

Oke ade org ckp i da gemuk.~! yesz admit that. sy mmg da gemuk. Huwarghhh ramainyer da tegur ni. Owh tidak sile kecikkn size badan anda kembali nana. Owh please.~ I think i need to wear my retainer back and then nafsu makan will be controlled,think so. Hahaha i hate to wear retainer sbb kna asek bukak2 bl nk mkn. arghhhh :'((

in the mood to talking to the moon.~


Mmn Mrmmn Rosnan said...


nana abd rahman said...

hey yu.
how dare yu called me gemok~!!!
arghhhhhhh ;'p