Now i can smile back :)

i miss you la...hve to wait for 2days b4 c u again.wahahha ;'p

Am i look like im happier to be here?Yup at first i was NOT happy. Damn and i really meant it, Im NOT happy here. But why some people think i was happy to be here. Don't jump into the conclusion too fast before all of you know what happen. I was not given so many work at first, and from that situation how could all of you said im happy. Without FRIENDS and i have nobody to talk and laugh untill someone appear and always do something crazy to make me SMILE and TALK. I owe you a lot. Thank you for bringing my smile and my voices back.~! And also FRIENDS. And also for whom did text me always. I do like your text hahaha much much thanx for your concern. Now i do admit im happy but not as much as before i start this internship. But i'll try to be happy as much as i can do. Life goes on rite babe.Whatever happen comes with a reason, Allah knows whats better for me. I'll be strong as long as I can. InsyaAllah,Allah will lead trough the journey. :)

dear umi.please be strong. I'll still need you. We still need you.

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