Hapy burfday kaka :)

Scare tbe2 terasa sayang nak tglkn mereka mereka sekalian. come on nana, just 2 sem left InsyaAllah if you pass all subjects.I miss my friends i miss all, but do they miss me like i do? B, sy tahu la awk nak tunang dah, tp xkn xnk hangout ngn ktrg lg. rinduu la, skrg sume sebok kak el pun. How i wish i can turn the clock back.

Owh smlm burfday kak long. Happy burfday sis. May you have a wonderfull day yesterday and i hope u like the cuppycake.And also the Secret recipe treat. Itu je adikmu ini mampu. Yang lain sy tak mampu lg eh :)

And to my dearest cuzzie congrats for your result. Pasni leh jd doctor gak eh. Hahahhaa all the best to you dear,welcome to the new world-the real life where you'll learn about the up side down about life,friends and so on. Wish you were happy in your long journey dear :)

lalalalala.sy da dpt dia.hahahaha,owh dont get me wrong.. :)

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jejarikumulus said...

hehehheh ..hahahhah ..huuhuuhuuhuu