Im back... =)

Yeay finally i can manage a good time to be back here. Hahaha oke,im lying~! Actually i was in the middle owh it should be better called in the end of the roads and im stuck there to do my final basic situation analysis.. Yargh im not doing anything yet. Im zero. Again,repeat im ZERO.~! hahahaha well thanx to B*h Plan***ion cause make my day more worse and scary.... So bile stress sile la mkn byk2 sampai gemuk. =)

Eh da gemuk ke? tak kn..Budak comel tu lg gemuk semangat. I miss u much dear baby.. Oke enough stop. Ni actually nk buat teaser je tp tertype pnjg2 plak. Haha oke dah bai nk g maen game, eh x g buat assigment :))

thanx for coming into my life and menjadi mangsa dera sy <3

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