Morning! This is funny k. Fay ambush with a question "r u engage kak nana?". What make u ask like that fay? Than she said,"mama told that kak nana was going to kursus kahwin". Oke now i feel like i wanna slap my forehead! Now i know,going to kursus kahwin is meaning that u r getting married in a short time.! The next question is,when will u get married kak nana? Seriously if u ask me a month before i know the answer. I can give u the answer. But now,i dont know fay! Its out of my mind. Things is not working like what ive planned before. This is hurt fay. So stop asking when oke. But seriously i wanna get married this year! Im 27 next year. Well it just a number but i hate being alone for so long and i need someone to be with me for the rest of my life to guide me and be my soulmate in no matter whatever condition just like umi. I hope one fine day,everything will be back as normal again. InsyaAllah. *hugs u*

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