White color

Am i too complicated to understand? This morning someone bbm me and ask whats my fav color. Actually i dont hve a specific color to be my fav color. Yes i do love pink color but when i think back,i dont have a lots of pink shirt or baju kurung. I hve a lots on white. Yargh white! I do love white. Thats y my phone is white color :)

The reason y he ask my fav color is to know bout me. Erkk truly honestly dont try to understand me. Im a person who will never make others person understand me well. I will talk to u but i dont think i will share everything with u like i share everything with someone. Yarghh i was hard to put a trust on people except for certain people which im pretty sure can understand me. Im only sharing with person i can trust and that person must be so important in my life. Thats all. Full stop.

And please dont try to be a sweet talker to me. Its closed and i dont like someone which always playing around. Im tired. Im 26. This is the time to think bout future and what will happen next!

Thank you :)

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